4 definitions by Qachosky

A word originating from Ghana. It is commonly used to refer to friends and strangers whose name you do not know.
To friend: "Challey, where is the party happening?"
To stranger: Challey, please which way leads to Kumasi?"
by Qachosky November 4, 2016
To speak or utter with sudden involuntary pauses and repetitions of initial letters. this mainly occurs with people who generally talk fast and they are known to be short tempered. Most times, stammering develops from childhood.
Audrey stammers when she talks, Especially when she is tensed or angry.
by Qachosky May 21, 2014
When a boy and a girl who are interested in each other get to hang out. Interest could be friendship, relationship or just getting to know each other.
Kachi went out to morrocate with Chidi since morning. I think she likes him
by Qachosky October 28, 2017
when you try to pull a joke on someone and instead you are the victim, the joke is on you.
If you put glue on your friends seat and mistakenly sit there, the jokes on you
by Qachosky June 7, 2014