Has long long wood and can please any girl, has midget friends with midget woods big wood boy, girls hate him but secretly love him
Your a “Kumasi” you know
by Bil683 October 15, 2019
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When you send a DickPic to a girl and all you get back is 'LMAO'
"Sent a DickPic to RedDragon of me driving my car while naked. She gave me the 'ol Kumasi"
by CupONoodle July 01, 2015
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The Kumasi Largesse or Kumasi Surprise is a sexual activity involving the popular geography browser game "Geoguessr". While the receiver plays the map "A Diverse World" without undergarments, the giver sneaks under the table and starts oral sex.
Famous TikToker sunkencity64 claims to have received a Kumasi Largesse in the summer, without much evidence.
by teaenjoyer2008 June 16, 2021
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