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A time of the year the world of television programs where the virgins become sluts, the straits become gay, the mild-mannered become basket-cases, likeable characters turn out to be evil and/or die, couples cheat on eachother, the selfless turn selfish, someone gets pregnant, and just about any other thing that the creators can think of to boost their show's ratings enough to avoid getting cancelled by the network executives.

Often as soon as sweeps week is over, all these elements are suddenly written out or forgotten.
FOX is the best network to catch sweeps week stunts due to their tendancy to cancel on a whim.
by Pyro Infernos June 13, 2006

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One who complains about all works of fiction better then the one which they live by.
Those fundamentalists think comic books, video games, and role-playing games are works of the devil and all who enjoy them will burn in hell.
by Pyro Infernos April 22, 2006

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A publicity stunt that a majority of celebrities suddenly start doing to keep their name in the papers/tabloids.

Examples include: Drug abuse, losing an unhealthy amount of weight, dating people much older/younger then themselves, having babies, and divorcing.
With young actresses, the latest hollywood trends are having babies with a-lister actors at least a decade and a half older then them, and losing weight till they look like stick figures.
by Pyro Infernos April 05, 2006

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