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Illest rap group ever with such hits as...Aw screw it, if you don't know, you are not worthy of hearing them.
I like Bone Thugs
by PyRo November 05, 2003

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An attempt to scare people into voting. Spoofed hilariously on "South Park" when Stan refused to participate in the latest voting dispute between a liberal-minded giant douche and a conservative-minded turd sandwich, which resulted in him being chased all over town by gun-weilding hoods led by P.Diddy.
Vote or die motherfucker
Motherfucker vote or die
Rock the vote or else I’m gonna stick a knife through your eye

Democracy is founded on one simple rule
Get out there and vote or I will motherfucking kill you

I like it when you vote, bitch
Shake them titties when you vote, bitch
I’ll slam my jimmy through your mouth roof
Now get your big ass in the polling booth

I said vote bitch or I’ll fucking kill you

Vote or die motherfucker
Motherfucker vote or die
Can’t run from a .38, go ahead and try.

Let your opinion be heard
You’ve gotta make a choice
Cause after I slit your throat
You won’t have a fucking voice

Vote or Die
Vote or Die
by Pyro January 19, 2005

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diarrhea, violent crapping.
After eating those oreos I got a bad case of the shits.
by Pyro November 21, 2002

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A place where most(not all, fortunately) of the population consists of narrow-minded white Southern Baptists who got Bush a second term due entirely on his neo-evangelical "family values" he preached about in his 2004 presidential campaign that basically promoted religious bigotry and intolerance toward gays and Jews, along with policing womens' rights and deeming other religions as "inappropriate", while disregarding Bush's other plans which would throw this country into a further decay.

Jesusland also, coincidently, consists almost entirely of all the land where slavery used to be legal back in the 1800s.

Residents of Jesusland who voted against Bush often find themselves persecuted for supporting, in the words of their oppressors, "Godless, amoral, fag-loving baby-killers" once they say anything negative about him.
~The place I regretfully live in is part of Jesusland. Don't blame me, I voted against Bush!
by Pyro April 01, 2005

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-To breath out
-Opposite of inhale
After inhaling all that weed through the bong, I slowly exhaled it.
by PyRo October 27, 2003

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among others, a very good drug discussion, with a lot of information and trip reports, a website dedicated to harm reduction.
ml r0x0rz!!!
by pyro May 16, 2004

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1. Someone who loves making movies and loves making songs, but there's just one thing that he loves even more: Fighting 'round the world!

2. To lose your temper on the phone and throw the offending object at the face of the nearest person.
1. That Russell Crowe sure loves fightin'!

2. (sigh) John just got taken away by the police for pulling a Russell Crowe with his cell phone in the restaraunt.
by Pyro September 02, 2005

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