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verb. Slang for Photoshopping. To produce a forged image that appears to be a real photograph by using Photoshop or similar image-editing software. Typically used to refer to the creation of a "celebrity fake", where a celebrity's picture is modified to appear naked and/or engaging in sexual/embarrasing behavior.
"Did you see that picture of Paris Hilton eating a banana? Somebody should shop that!"

"Sarah Palin got shopped - they put her head on a rifle-shooting bikini babe."
by PsyPhi May 12, 2010
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Slang for gentrification, a.k.a. revitalization or urban renewal. The term 'gentro' is most often used by those *opposed* to either the concept, the process, or a specific gentrification project. Those who benefit from gentrification rarely call it gentro (except maybe as a joke).
Damn, I can't live in the city anymore - gentro is wiping out all the affordable apartments!
Gentro? There goes the hood!
by PsyPhi April 02, 2013
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An attractive female model hired to give presentations/demonstrations at a trade show, especially in high-tech industries where the audience is predominately male.

The newer synonym booth babe has largely replaced the less politically-correct 'booth bimbo'. However, booth babe only implies that the person was chosen for the role because of their appearance (but could actually be an employee of the presenting company rather than a professional model), while 'booth bimbo' adds the connotation that she has simply memorized a script and is totally clueless about the product.
I was so mesmerized by the booth bimbo that I actually asked her a technical question after the demo, thereby embarrassing both of us.

Nobody was checking out the WhizCo exhibit - if they couldn't afford a booth bimbo, they were obviously minor players.
by PsyPhi January 09, 2011
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