A feature at conventions and trade shows in male dominated industries, a 'booth babe' is an attractive female member of staff sent to hand out pamphlets and attract attention for the company by dint of owning a pair of breasts.

Since many female staff members find this distasteful, many companies resort to hiring cheerleaders or other pin-ups instead.
"God, I'm stuck playing booth babe again... I swear, this is a discrimination suit waiting to happen."
by Minor Ramblings February 22, 2006
A sexy-ass, candy-eye lady, with high hells and colorful clothes on paid to please the nerdy generation of gamers at a large-popular gaming convention held every year. The likelihood of a booth babe stored on a personal computer of a male gamer is 99.9% positive. As booth babes, their title can be quite hard - 'AND?!' To get off, some male spectators at a gaming event can be seen lurking with cameras, stalking the perimeter of the booth babe victim with a nervous rush. 1% of them are ACTUAL gamers.
Zac: Omg Jerrell, look, that E3 BOOTH BABE is SO FINE!

Jerrell: Hey, I got an idea! I have this digital Z981 KODAK Camera. Let's sneak a pic of her under skirt and post it ONLINE!

Zac: Dude, I'm so down with that!!!

Jerrell: We'll post it on G4TV.com for all the nerdy gamers from across the gaming universe to SEE!

by Southern C Dogg June 16, 2010