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An ailment where there are too many of one thing in an assortment of different things.

First defined by programmers at Maxis when creating Sim City 3000, where a certain building (usually a Lick's Ice Cream Shop) would appear in large nmbers on the map.
"This bag of assorted truffles has Lick's disease, there's too many caramel ones."
by Prussel June 10, 2004

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Absolutely, amazingly great, the epitome of all that is awesome.
That girl Katey is fawkin' awesome, man.

"Jonathan David Prussel is fawkin' awesome in bed!" -Gerri Carlton
by Prussel June 11, 2004

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1. The absolute most fawkin' awesome person on earth.

2. The love of my life.
I love Gerri Carlton.
by Prussel June 11, 2004

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