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An Asian version of "Rodney" from "only fools and horses" (British TV sitcom). Amalgamation of "choddu" and "Rodney".
Kameshwar spent all day carrying his brother`s SIM card stall around Basildon, only to get mugged for the takings by chavs from Kent. What a fucking chodney, He should stay in East Ham.
by Proper Londoner February 27, 2008
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An acronym for: Lardarsed Yanks who don`t have the self-control to eat and excercise like Humans. You`re not "big" You`re just fat. There`s fuck all "beautiful" about that. Get a grip or you won`t even be "Women". You`ll be dead, as a result of whatever disease you contract as a result of your selfish cunt of a lifestyle. You eat per day, a 3rd World family`s weekly sustenance. Think of that when you`re shopping, you fat cunt.
{fat} {American} {shit} {cunts} {eating} {BBW}
by Proper Londoner November 22, 2009
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Cockney saying meaning either very good or very bad luck, depending on context.
I only done her once and the condom split, now she`s knocked up! how`s your luck?! I gave the barmaid a fiver, and she gave me change from a bullseye, how`s your luck?!
by Proper Londoner July 10, 2008
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Don`t go outside without a coat Mate, it`s fucking millers out there.
by Proper Londoner January 19, 2008
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A UK Magazine aimed mostly at Chav Women. Used to somehow justify claiming benefits of all kinds whilst breeding like rats.
My Mum shagged my boyfriend whilst I was giving birth to My Brother`s Girlfriend`s surrogate Child. Give Me £300 and I`ll tell the whole world about it in "Take A Break Magazine".
by Proper Londoner September 09, 2008
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