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1. An EXTREMELY large fart that causes vibrations in your body or surrounding objects
Teacher: you gave your son chipotle last night didn't you?
Parent: yes, why
Teacher: he dropped a Hiroshima in class and we all had to leave for the whole day
by Promeo April 30, 2014
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1. The act of having a two girlfriends at the same time without them knowing about eachother

2. When a girl tries to start a relationship with a man she knows is in a committed relationship

Bro: Who is jake dating, Tara or Ashley

Bartender: both, he's sidebitching

Donna: why are you chasing jake if he has a girlfriend
Tracey: I don't know, I'm just sidebitching
by Promeo April 30, 2014
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- verb
An action that is against black stereotypes in such a way that when done by a black person they lose street cred.
"I wanted to buy a soy caramel mochiatto, but it would be to eblackulating"
by Promeo October 29, 2014
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