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Ciggie Treats are what ocational smokers call cigarrets when drinking.
Someone go to the gas station and get me some Ciggie Treats.
by Popabigballz January 04, 2010
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The area directly around the lips of the vagina with a slightly darker color and sometimes bumpy texture from shaving. This can resemble color and texture of a good leather football.
I saw Julie changing her clothes and I got a good look at the old pig skin.
by popabigballz January 03, 2010
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This is a strong vodka drink. This drink can be made with kool aid or country time lemonade. Mix vodka, kool aid and water (from a lake or river that has been purified). This is a camping drink when weight is an issue and everything must be backpacked in. It can be made very sweet by just adding more mix. This drink was made famous by an ex Green Bay Packer in a hot tube with a young girl. This drink should always be served in a Nalgene bottle and shaken not stirred.
Krust could you mix me up another Chuey. I need to get my drink on.
by popabigballz July 13, 2010
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A women who dates a man without a job, car, or house.
Sarah has been a bum fucker for almost 8 months. She is dating Danny.
by Popabigballz September 20, 2010
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The Love Connection is PC for the sexual act known as the Chuck Woolery. Two in the pink and two in the stink. So kids start practicing your Vulcan salute again. Logistically speaking it is a nightmare. If pulled off successfully you will go down a legend and your girl will be know a slut for the rest of her life. Sound like win win. You will be connecting the pink and the stink.
After Candace has a couple more drinks, we will make a Love Connection. How sweet.
by popabigballz July 13, 2010
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A terrible mouth affliction contracted by orally pleasuring the "wrong" type of girl. Symptoms many include, lip and mouth blistering, swollen tongue. lost of taste, bleeding gums and prolonged impotence. Most after experiencing a severe bout of Gineevitis will never be able to preform cunnilingus and maintain an erection simultaneously. Flash backs are commonplace. Most medical professionals agree Gineevitis is traumatizing and similar to PTSD.
Billy just came back the epidemiologist. Becky gave him Gineevitis. The doc said he will never be the same.
by popabigballz June 04, 2011
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A women the size of Joba the Hut who is willing to have sex with anyone.
William is still sleeping with Joba the Slut.
by popabigballz June 05, 2011
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