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Green day started in 1988 as a punk band, playing music in the underground punk movement in America. Signed to a major record label and sold millions of albums, which a clean, pop-punk sound which inspired many. Nimrod and Dookie are examles of Green Day's punk music.


With the release of American Idiot in 2004, Green Day have gone away from their roots and their old music. On stage, they now have to have another guitarist who ISN'T ACTUALLY IN THE BAND!!

They're not a 3-piece band anymore, nor are they punk. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is pop with guitars, just like the rasmus.

I have seen Green Day live, yes I had a great time, but yes, they have sold out. Bring on the return to punk!
Green Day used to be punk. Now they aint.
by poopoomoomoo April 23, 2005
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Kickass band hailing from Russia, with songs like It's Not a Sacrafice and Do you Really Care.


Check them out!
If only Nexxt would tour!
by poopoomoomoo April 24, 2005
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A country which is now going to have capitalistic methods introduced into it's economy, it is now a free state.

10 years from now it will be one of the richests countries in the middle east. Saddam needed to be removed, even the Iraqis thought so.

You'd support the war on Iraq if you lived there under Saddam Hussein.
Saddam was a twat... he really was...
by Poopoomoomoo March 06, 2005
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New pope, was in the Hitler Youth. Deserted from the German army.


Basically a more extreme version of the old pope.
Pope Benedict XVI, welcome to power.
by poopoomoomoo May 09, 2005
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Apparently the "worst" PM Britain ever had, yet she was voted into power 11 years in a row, and her party 18 years.

Took us out of the 1979 winter of discontent and stopped organised labour groups from running the country. An individualist, a strong woman and a damn good PM.

Put Britain on the largest bull market the world has ever seen, namely lasting 12 years.

Thats why she was the longest serving PM there has ever been in this country.
Maggie Thatcher, Tory PM.
by poopoomoomoo June 24, 2005
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