1. One who Moogs; an individual who partakes in mooging. 2. One who studies moogonomics and/or is a citizen of Moogopolis.
1. God damn Moogers! 2. Your Mooger bacon is ready. 3. Quit your Moogin'. 3. Moog on Mooger
by IA IA Pazuzu May 20, 2009
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Older female cougars who weigh on the heavy side. They often adorn themselves in leopard or cheetah print silks and show a hint of skin. Easy to please and converse with.
I was down at the trailer bar by Popeyes and it was full of moogers.
by schmoovness November 30, 2011
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A man who stares at other another man's private parts.
Hey.. I'm going the bathroom here! What are you? Some kind of mooger? No, I'm nada mooger damn it.
by Nada Mooger January 05, 2004
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For a ball mouse, the dust particles that gather inside the ball mouse over time that eventually clog the wheels. Very difficult to clean.

Mouse + Boogers

"It took forever to clean the moogers out of my mouse!"
by Johaunson January 13, 2006
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One who enjoys synthesizer music. Sr. Robert

Moog designed and invented the synthesizer and it was manufactured by Moog Music.
People that love digital music are Moogers.
by RMunson December 06, 2010
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When one is really excited to retrieve a juicy booger from thier nostril, only to be let down by a finger full of mucus.
Tracy became frustrated, as she laid in bed with her inability to dig out a good booger. She continued to draw blanks retrieving only the left-overs of a slimey substance that required extensive rolling of her fingers together to form a mooger.
by PodBerry February 05, 2009
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