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Etika (was) a 29-year-old YouTube streamer from Brooklyn.

After dealing with mental health issues, Desmond Amofah died on June 19th 2019, Cause of death: Suicide.
"I really loved Etika man, I can't believe he's gone, rest in piece."
by PikaPikaGamer June 25, 2019
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Something said when told a word or phrase that someone might not know and may google. Which will give them a very awkward even in which someone may know what that means and sees your search history..
Friend: "Hey what does Rule 34 Mean? I overheard my friend say it."

Me: "Don't Google That."
by PikaPikaGamer June 25, 2018
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A popular Twitch.tv streamer who used to create YouTube videos under the name Jerma985
"Man, I love Jerma985, he's so funny."
"Didn't Jerma985 stop posting?"
"Jerma985 still streams on Twitch y'know."
by PikaPikaGamer June 18, 2020
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A person who protects civilians and enforces State or Federal law.
"A Police Officer pulled me over today, I was going 45 in a School Zone."
by PikaPikaGamer June 18, 2020
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