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Completely fashion addict...with style.
God! This boy is so Lexy like!
by Pi August 22, 2003
To be disallowed to connect to an IRC network. Glines require three opers to vote for it, before it takes effect. A ban applying to a single server is known as a kline
I'm a hub oper. don't make me gline you, because I know that four other opers will vote for it.
by Pi December 21, 2003
Susej Dog is the old testement spelling of 'Sausage Dog'. The great and all might Sausage Dog is the true creator. He is the only real diety, and quite a lazy one at that. Quite long too.
Texts written about him have been mistranslated backwards, to form 'Jesus' and 'God', which have apparently been adapted into a couple of manmade religions.
Tyler: "If you could fight one diety, who would it be?"
Narrator: "Sausage Dog."
Tyler: "Good answer."
by Pi May 27, 2004
One badass cuss word invented at Camp Woodward by the 'White Wolf'
Generally used for any cuss word only when sounding natural. Often replacing the word 'shit.'
Clean up your goddamn chiste.
Will you chiste that for me?
Why are you all being so chistey?
by Pi September 19, 2003
Something to say when nothing else will do
Bibble! (exclamation)

Bibble? (questioning)

Bibble!? (confused and under stress)

....bibble... (filling awkward silence)

<sigh> bibble (dissapointed/sad)
by Pi March 9, 2005
To be disallowed to connect to an IRC server. The network-wide ban is known as a gline, and requires three opers to vote for the gline before it takes effect.
Stop spamming or i'll kline you.
by Pi December 21, 2003