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Noun: A large, gelatinous woman who's tits look like she's carrying a large pizza under each arm. Host to Kankles, FUPA's, (fat upper pussy area,) and major back cleavage. Usually found with at least 17 items in the ten item or less line at your local Wal-mart, haggling the clerk over the validity of expired Little Debbie coupons. Often times riding electric scooters designated for the handicapped, though their sense of entitlement suggests they deserve them more. NEVER step between a land manatee and it's prey. Like hippos, they are responsible for more deaths every year than lions and sharks combined. Especially if you step on their chalupa FUPA...
"Holy FUCK, bro! Do you see the GIRTH on that Gorgon?"
"Yeah, man. That is a fucking land manatee... Back away slowly before she stampedes.I don't feel like being gored... "
by PhillipHarass October 11, 2014
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A person of limited income or resources that can use their "street cred," or reputation, to pull off amazing purchases, usually in high stakes trading within the drug or black market. All types of creative financing schemes may be used, but must be beneficial to all parties involved on a continuous basis (90%) to obtain the rank of Ghetto Jedi.
*Chauncey:* "How the hell did Jody get that '69 Camaro?"

*Virgil:* "He started by trading a pocketknife for some weed 2 days ago, and traded up ... The dude is a Ghetto Jedi for real..."
by PhillipHarass May 06, 2014
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High quality crystal meth. Named for the user's high level of paranoia, leading to him/her peeking out of the curtains in fear of police, his/her family, imaginary friends/foes or the Illuminati coming to get them and haul them off to jail, rehab, hell, Guantanamo bay, or evict them from where they are squatting. See also: Meth Crystal meth Tina PNP Tweaker People of Wal-mart
Tweaker #1 "Man, I am so fuckin' HIGH, Bro. I can't stop sweating. I'm gonna take apart these two perfectly good toasters, and make one shitty toaster that hardly works."

Tweaker #3 "Ohhhhh kayyyy... Sounds like fun. Hey, where's tweaker #2? Is he scoping for the cops with his night vision goggles and police scanner again? He needs to lay off that Venetian Blind Bender..."
by PhillipHarass January 03, 2018
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