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A self reference for those who aren't loyal to the person or people being spoken to.
"Homeless man begging for spare change, I hope you go and die. I'm aware that your kind is a dishonest, drug fueled blight on society. When you finally grow a pair and realize that your life is both immoral and not worth lving and you're getting ready to lay your neck onto the railroad tracks, you can thank Mine Truly for the sage words. Be thankful that I've spared you my time."
by Phat Phuk May 6, 2017
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Kekistani (keck ih stan nee): adjective: Of national or genetic origin of Kekistan.
The kekistani people are a proud people who fight nobly for the semblance of a habitable civilization in a region otherwise populated by desolation and inbreeding.
by Phat Phuk May 13, 2017
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the male transcendent state of mind. An unabashed, uninterrupted in-the-moment mind flow of pure unreciprocated sexual thoughts involving the ladies around him.

The greatest masters of Pervana are said to be of such skill as to sexualize all sensory stimuli from even the elderly, overweight, and disfigured.
Particularly during periods of lesser stimuli, some fledging zen masters of Pervana can be witnessed to close their eyes and exhibiting symptoms of mild Tourette's syndrome with mutterances of the word "giggity".
"The practice of Yoga has since time immemorial been, though not expressly, most certainly solely administered for the sake of the male enlightened few who wish to achieve Pervana.
The "anchor" chakra, through said practice, is trained and maximized.
Modern practitioners will constantly utilize their third eye to scan the yoga room for the best sights. Complex mirror arrangements or the coveted "yoga instructor" position help the Pervana practitioner to utilize his other two eyes without disturbing the environment's flow."
by Phat Phuk May 14, 2017
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