A citizen of kekistan and enemy of the normies
That kekistani just made america great again!
by BarretX April 25, 2017
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Kekistani (keck ih stan nee): adjective: Of national or genetic origin of Kekistan.
The kekistani people are a proud people who fight nobly for the semblance of a habitable civilization in a region otherwise populated by desolation and inbreeding.
by Phat Phuk May 12, 2017
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During the middle of intercourse, the dominant partner screams "Free Kek!" And blows themselves up. As a result, a big boom is heard, and the nearby Kekistanis will start singing the national anthem.
I wouldn't get into her dude. Word on the street is, she's just trying to Kekistani Boombox with someone.
by DetectiveB January 12, 2018
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