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The act of oogling over a hot chick and getting a bit of a woody.
Tim was pervin a dish when he felt that certain something in his pants.

Hey Squints, quit pervin that dish!

Yo Bob, you gotta come over here, we're pervin a dish with some triple Ds!
by Penelope Storm July 02, 2012

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When you're super horny and can't do anything about it except play with yourself...no girlfriend, no guy, no hook-ups available.
Penelope felt hornblocked after looking at some porn and all her friends had gone to bed.

Chad texted Penelope to express how hornblocked he was and they both shared their pornographic thoughts.
by Penelope Storm August 01, 2011

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when you write "I Quit" on your nut sack in magic marker and show em to your boss when you quit

when the testicles resign because they get fed up from living next to a dick and an asshole
Peter officially gave his Testicular Resignation today when he walked into his boss's office and whipped out his nutsack that said "I Quit" written in magic marker...right after he said, "I know you're going to think I'm nuts."
by Penelope Storm August 02, 2011

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a person on Facebook who over posts and/or changes status updates on a continuous basis causing your news feed to be inundated with their posts
Penelope was the quintessential Facebookundator, she posted songs and pics once every 5 minutes all day every day.
by Penelope Storm July 18, 2011

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A bar in Bemus Point New York where the locals and the summer crowd of tourists like to spontaneously hook up and get filthy drunk on a daily basis until summer ends, often ending in pregnancy and/or broken relationships.
Patrick was able to find a spontaneous hook up at the Village Casino over the summer.

If you're ever in Bemus Point, New York be sure and stop in at the Village Casino to get your drink and your jiggy on.
by Penelope Storm July 30, 2011

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the puffy part of a dog's vajayjay that sticks out by her butt when she's ready to go into heat often very puffy and odd to gander at
Gracie had a puffy puppy puss and Ciaree knew it was time to stop the stray dogs from coming in the yard.
by Penelope Storm August 02, 2011

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the phenomena boys experience in high school after and during staring at all the hot girls body parts

an erection lasting more than 4 hours
Chris experienced History of Erectimy throughout his high school years and was always bumping into lunch trays in the cafeteria.

After his bout with History of Erectimy, Chris had difficulty walking through doorways.

All the girls in the halls gave me a real History of Erectimy
by Penelope Storm August 02, 2011

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