After take a shit you keep wiping and the shit never goes away
Dude, I was stuck in the stall for 20 minutes because I had a magic marker!
by Ay-yo-gray-suit March 4, 2017
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(BMM) The brown streaking marks left in a toilet bowl after flushing large amounts of soft fecal matter. Usually the result of eating burritos and drinking multiple beers.
"Ricardo is gonna kill me. I brown magic markered his toilet. Fuck! Hand me a towel"
by Jerome Jenkins April 29, 2006
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1/4" strip of beard -looks dumber than hell and way more trouble than shaving! popular with the latino circuit AKA:pencil beard
he had a magic marker beard and was looking super-goofy

dig that magic marker beard
by michael foolsley December 14, 2009
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Street name for a vape, based on the shape of some of the vape models
"Can I barrow your magic marker for a sec"
"Sure thing"
Few moments later
by bu11seye456 June 3, 2018
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