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A girl whom is attractive enough to want to jizz on but otherwise not attractive enough or too personally repulsive to develop any deeper kind of relationship or even engage in intercourse with.
Ash: "That girl over there is pretty hot man!"
Laurence: "I have a few lectures with her, she's pretty annoying but a bit of a jizz cat though."

Alex: "Would you ever date a ginger?"
Joe: "Gingers are jizz cats for me dude."
by Pedro Papadoupoulos February 04, 2010
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An adjective used contextually with tone and timbre to indicate someone either very cool or ironically uncool.
Chloe: "I met your friend Mike last night."
Mark: "Yeah, that guy is a real jizz cat!"

Cate: "Uh...that creepy French guy tried to get with me last night."
Abbey: "Yeah, that guy was a real jizz cat."
by Pedro Papadoupoulos February 04, 2010
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Otherwise known as OCD. A medical disorder prevalent in females and luckier transsexuals, whereby the clitoris oscillates (moves across one-dimension) of its own accord. Two variations of the disorder exist, horizontal and vertical OCD though the vertical OCD is much rarer and generally (i.e. 78.3% of cases) affects russian teenagers (the remaining being split between Israeli-Palestinian mixed race women and Romany gypsies). As yet, no cause has been determined, nor has the trigger of OCD events but sufferers coming within 100m of Julio Iglesias will often experience extreme symptoms. No cure has been found but the Oscillating Clitoris Disorder Foundation exists to seek a remedy to this disturbing ailment, the patron of this charity is Noel Edmonds.
Katie: "I think you just got a text."
Hannah: "No, I just have Oscillating Clitoris Disorder."
by Pedro Papadoupoulos February 08, 2010
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