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Cooked pig fat, a Romanian delicacy.
Pass the slanina please.
by Pecan April 24, 2006
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Expression used for acknowledging a truthful remark.
Person 1: When Spears (from Band of Brothers) went right through a German garrison to 'I' company and back, that was pretty much the definition of ownage.

Person 2: Trouche.
by Pecan October 28, 2007
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A greeting, similar to "hi" or "what's up?".

Joobz originally evolved from the phrase that relatively ghetto people from Oakland/San Francisco say, "what's up jigga?"
This phrase got shortened down to just "jigga".
"Jigga" evolved to "Jagga".
"Jagga evolved to "Jagz".
"Jagz" evolved to "Joogz".
"Joogz" eventually turned into "Joobz".
"Sup Joobz, what's going on?
by Pecan September 18, 2007
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Like a personal homepage but for your phone. A page for your phone where you can do things such as check your voicemail, place calls, look up phone numbers and sent text messages. An idea created by CallWave in 2007.
Even though I don't have any cell phone reception out here, I can check my phonepage to see my voicemail.
by Pecan June 22, 2007
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The concept of first converting a voicemail to text and then summarizing that text well enough to be able to fit on a text message. So when someone gets a voicemail and doesn't want to listen to it, they can check their cell phone and see the gist of the voicemail on their phone. Created by Callwave in 2007.
I got a Vtxt while was out of the office that said Julie would be arriving within the hour.
by Pecan June 22, 2007
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Letting your un-potty-trained toddler run around the house naked in an effort to teach them to use the toilet.
Played some toddler roulette the other day with Riley and I'm still alive!
by Pecan October 24, 2013
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