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Perhaps the worst pizza known to man kind, the salad is moldy, the building in my town smells like used indian food in a diaper and is as dirty as satans armpit, the people who work there are foul, and groady, half of them probably have venerial disease, the people who eat there are either cheap, illegal imigrants, or white trash, and I dont know if it's just me, but the atmosphere is very depressing, after seeing cockroaches scamper on the floor, I am never eating there again, I only went becuase one of my friends insisted on eating there.
kyle: let's go to pizza hut
me: okay, I heard it's kinda gross though
kyle:(redneck, very kurtly says) so.
me: hehe...yaaa...eats pizza, gags and sees roach.
kyle: eats pizza
me: hehe...let's go...
kyle: ok.
by Pearbian May 22, 2007
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Quite simply: Master Shake, One of the four main characters on the show aqua teen hunger force or ATHF.
The best example I can think of for master shake is "MS is hella tight, but damn he can't play guitar for shit!"
by Pearbian April 22, 2007
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The best damn show ever!!!Also known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force.Created for people who like to watch 3 articles of food on television (Meatwad: A small, possibly mentally retarded ball of meat not approved for human consumption,Frylock: A container of fries who is A genius, and consists of the container, the fries, and A diamond embedded on his back, and Master Shake: also known as: "MS" who consists of A very ignorant mind and A pink straw that shoots green pinochilada(sp) flavored milkshake, and petite yellow hands. The show is like seinfeld in A way: it's A show about nothing, and some episode titles even begin with the word "The" (just like Seinfeld). It also consists of 2 dimensional aliens both who enjoy flipping things off: Ignignokt: A large green alien, and Err: A smaller alien who is pink,oh, and uncle Cliff who appears in one episode. Oh, and who can forget, the aqua teens beloved neighbor: Carl Brutananadilewski who is hairy and enjoys veiwing pornography in his run down home, (with of couse his miniature swimming pool). Carl concists of some sandals, sweat pants, A wifebeater, and of course his famous gold chain.
Dude, this party sucks! I'm going home to watch ATHF!
by Pearbian March 18, 2007
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"My nose job cost mad CHEDDAR, but I haven't regretted it once."
by Pearbian March 17, 2007
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