4 definitions by Peabody Huxtable Junior Jackson III

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The top of Mt. Breastmore, a.k.a. "second base."
Finally, after 30 pick-up lines, the weary explorer arrived at the titular head.
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Vibration of the mammaries, usually during jogging or physical activity.
Yo, did you see that when she jogged by? That was some serious titillation goin' on!
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After you get drunk and are sitting in the tub, this is a piece of pooh that you mindlessly play with and pretend is a turtle.
Aw, heck. Bobby got wasted again last night, and was playin' turdle in the tub again.
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Like freckles, but caused by capillaries bursting in one's cheeks when one strains too hard during orgasm.
Damn! Sally must've gotten some serious play last night! Check out 'dem fuckles on her face!!
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