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Things people on the television series Cops are not good at breaking.
"I can break these cuffs."
"You can't break those cuffs."
by Paylardo September 22, 2009

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Describes the descent over time with modification of a species, resulting from environmental factors or mechanisms of probability acting upon a population. Commonly used in reference to evolution and evolutionary biology.

Evolution is controversial among several religions including Christianity, more specifically the concept of Creationism. However, it should be noted that not all Christians refute evolution as a scientific fact, and furthermore those who accept evolution as a scientific fact are not to be assumed atheist. Using Christianity as an example, these previous statements fuel a debate that undermines both institutions of faith and the growing body of biological science.
(Christianity as the common example.)
A: "If you believe in God, how do you explain dinosaurs?"
B: "They evolved over millions of years and then went extinct."
A: "What about the book of Genesis?"
B: "I just take it as an allegory. After all, the Bible is meant to provide a life message, not a history lesson."
A: "Won't you go to Hell for not accepting what the Bible says?"
B: "If I appreciate evolution as a mechanism by which God shaped this world and us, why should he be angry?"
by Paylardo September 25, 2009

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A person who is too curious for their own good. Derived from the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat."
A: "Aren't you curious to know why John and his girlfriend broke up? You should try to ask him."

B: "Hey, I'm no cat killer."
by Paylardo January 30, 2011

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The supposed grading advantage of a student that has been scheduled or volunteered to present an oral presentation first (i.e. before anyone else). This comes from the assumption that as the teacher critiques each report, he/she grades the later ones with increasing scrutiny until the last student is doomed to a mediocre grade if the report is any less than perfect (this student has the Last Presenter's Disadvantage).
Jack: "Dude, how did Gracie get a better grade than me? Her voice was like a dying cow and she completely left out Lincoln's involvement in the Civil War."

Danny: "She had the First Presenter's Advantage, man. Plus, yours kind of sucked anyway."
by Paylardo November 19, 2009

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Occurs while driving. The vehicle in front of you is going below the speed limit (or is going the speed limit where everyone normally speeds), and the road doesn't permit you to pass them, so you become agitated. This builds up, and once you get to a point where you can pass them, you do so dramatically and accelerate hard past them, driving recklessly like a jackass for about 10 seconds before you calm down and return to normal.
Dude, I was going the speed limit. No reason to get Post-Slowed Jackass Syndrome.
by Paylardo November 01, 2010

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