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Ebola's best friend.
I got Zika! Run!
by Pawn of Sex February 17, 2016

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To 'castrate'but on the ass. Based on the word castrate; which means to cut off the penis.
I asstrated Dick yesterday because he raped me.
by Pawn of Sex May 27, 2016

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Every kid's monster.
Mom, I don't want to eat that fucking veggie!
by Pawn of Sex February 23, 2016

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The opposite of fuck you.
Thank you, cunt.
by Pawn of Sex June 02, 2016

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Getting a rimjob in an airplane (or somewhere in the sky).
I skyrimmed Katy Perry yesterday.
by Pawn of Sex January 31, 2016

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When ur playing ur computer/gadget thingy you feel that one minute feels like one second. But when ur in math class or any other boring shit, one minute feels like an hour.

"Meaning based of time dilation; when you travel at the speed of light, you feel like your destination is closer than estimated. E.g. Here to nearest star-> 4.3 years viewed by us, but 1 year viewed by the ship."
I experienced some pretty shitty time dilation in math class today.

what the fuck?! I played computer for 4hrs and its 3am!!! SHEEEEEEIT!!!!!1
by Pawn of Sex May 25, 2016

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A portal to the internet universe. Requires a modem, jizz and some electricity.
I need more wifi! But all the public ones are shit.
by Pawn of Sex April 12, 2016

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