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abbreviation for wordfooly cooly which is an Americanized translation of wordfuri kuri. Title of an anime mini-series of six half-hour episodes about a boy hitting puberty only to find puberty hitting back...either with a Vespa scooter or a chainsaw-powered guitar. The boy Naota has to deal with an absentee older brother (baseball player in the US) whom he worships, a dad obsessed with manga/anime whom he despises, the 17-yr-old ex-girlfriend of his brother's that flirts with him a little tooooo eagerly, and a possible alien female who moves in as a housemaid but really works constantly to knock battle robots out of Naota's head. Add a robot called Canti that has to eat Naota in order to gain superpowers to battle evil robots, a factory without workers overshadowing the town that's shaped like a steam iron, a secret government force led by a man with the worst fake eyebrows in the history of animation, and a kick-ass pop-rock song "Ride On Shooting Star" by the Pillows and you've got a ready-made cult classic.
flcl? What the f-ck? I've watched it twice and I just barely understand the theological implications of Canti being a angelic Christ figure, but still...what's with the spicy curry?
by Paul Wartenberg August 21, 2003

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A car model by Chrysler shaped like an old-style 50s roadster, but with better curves. Not entirely an SUV (it's lower to the ground, has better gas mileage and doesn't look like a shoe box on wheels), not entirely a sports car (too functional, not angular enough in the driver/passenger areas), it has a shape and style instantly recognizable. Enthusiasts have also taken to adding effects such as chrome, decals, spoilers, and more chrome to give each car a distinctive flavor/identity. The only argument against the car is its 4-cylinder engine which weakens its acceleration ability. Otherwise, it's a great car.
That PT Cruiser over there has a chrome grille, a scoop hood, rear wing spoiler, and flag decals all over the doors. And dice, it's gotta have fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror!
by Paul Wartenberg October 20, 2003

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A MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that allows a player to become a Superhero based on five Types (Blaster, Controller, Defender, Scrapper, Tanker) and five Origins (Magic, Mutation, Natural, Science, Technology). Unlike other MMORPGs there is no PvP (player vs. player) but instead relies on teamwork to defeat in-game villains.
The goal of the game is to get your character to the next Training Level (from 1 to 50). At certain Levels (14, 20, other increments) you can gain significant powers and abilities and even a new wardrobe. Players earn points in battle, and can earn inspirations (temporary boosts) and enhancements (permanent boosts). The tougher the mission and the higher level of villains, the more XP earned.
Gameplay is basic and simple once the rules and weapons are learned, and can become repetitive as missions tend to repeat themselves in locations and type of villains.
The greatest enjoyment most players have comes from designing their superhero character in the first place, and in achieving certain types of powers (flight, superspeed) that makes their characters more superhero-ish.
Within the game, the best way to boost to the next level is to undergo Task Forces, a series of missions along a particular storyline. Available only at certain levels on certain maps. Do be prepared to play between 4-6 hours completing a Task Force.
City of Heroes is cool except for the repetition of it. More Clockwork to fight, sigh okay. More Circle of Thorns hiding in caves, sure sure.
by Paul Wartenberg August 29, 2004

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Cartoon character on South Park who keeps wanting to take over Canada. Responsible for killing Kenny, the bastard!
Character is rumored to be based on a real person, but is actually a composite of various people including Donald Rumsfeld, Pat Buchanan (where the Canada-taking hostility comes from), and whoever it was that created that whole Riverdance fad years ago.
Canada is free! Hooray! The Americans caught Saddam!
by Paul Wartenberg January 05, 2004

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Phrase used in polite company. Literal translation is "There's no fricking way I am going to have sex with your fat ugly ass." Used in conjunction with the horrendous phrases "You're a nice guy but..." and "It's not you, it's me."
While I appreciate that you've actually taken a bath for the first time since 1983, I just...don't want to ruin our friendship...
by Paul Wartenberg July 11, 2004

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A mid-1980s arcade game where you pilot a ship through an asteroid field mining for bombs to use against a super-demonic space robot called Sinistar, which is being built by swarming drones and defended by fast-firing tanks. Once Sinistar's construction is completed, he starts threatening and taunting you ("Run, Coward!") and makes a beeline to your sorry hide. The stress level involved gets ridiculously high. It is/was quite possibly the toughest arcade game in human history.
Beware, I live.
I hunger.
by Paul Wartenberg December 10, 2003

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From the Very Secret Diaries spoof of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (Google it). Used whenever any of the characters start taking an unusual interest in Frodo/Merry/Pippin (but not Sam for some reason).
In the Real World, applies to anyone who thinks there's something going on between the onscreen characters.
Is meant to be used humorously.
SEE ALSO Shieldmadiens Gone Wild
Don't stare at Frodo too long. Sam will kill you if you try anything.
by Paul Wartenberg January 30, 2004

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