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The act of participating in "cyber-sex", that is the depiction of sexual content through the medium of a typed conversation on an internet chat room or online role-playing game. A very common occurrence in MUDs or anonymous chat sites, roleplaying as a person other than oneself is expected though not strictly mandatory. Masturbation involving one or both parties during the event is not unexpected.

While performed inside of online roleplaying games, it is not uncommon for the player characters to form a relationship within which the characters routinely cyber-sex each other as if they were in a "real life" relationship.

Many times in these relationships the players behind the characters will form emotional romantic bonds, possibly culminating in a romantic relationship outside of their cyber-sex medium. Just as often however are people fully capable of forming zero emotional connection with their online partners, even despite the heavy romance between their characters.
I logged on like it was going to be a normal day but when I saw my character's wife just crafted a new sexy dress we started mashing keyboards like there was no tomorrow.
by Papa Dwarf September 4, 2016

The process of masturbation upon reaching climax in which the recipient yells "Bingo" at the time of orgasm.

This can be applied to females in masturbation, or used by males fingering a female partner.

Can also be used as another term for female masturbation.
Dude, I was totally playing two finger bingo with her last night.

Brian couldn't come over last night, so I was stuck playing two finger bingo.
by Papa Dwarf March 11, 2014
noun /tōst/

The product of an individual failing to properly wipe after defecation, and little flakes of feces begin to dry and harden around the anus, which when scraped by a butter knife can produce scratchy sound and brown crumbs similar to toasted bread.

A female is capable of creating a brand of "Salmon Toast", in which she incompletely wipes herself back to front after defecation, with the resulting fecal matter mixing with her urine and vaginal fluids to form toast with a pungent and fishy aroma. Once per month a female can improve the formula to create "Salmon Toast With Jam".
Seth badly wanted some chocolate milk, but seeing as he had run out of Ovaltine to flavor his milk, decided to drop his trousers and enhance it with his own toast instead.
by Papa Dwarf September 11, 2020
The area a man finds himself in when he walks in on his wife sleeping with another man and she friendzones him.

Alternatively, the state of being friendzoned after the man has already had sex with the woman in question.

This is further the case when the man in question acts much like a cuckold or one who has been friendzoned. That is, taking vicarious enjoyment from the woman's sexual pleasure and/or trying to be as nice as possible to her in hopes he can resume intercourse with her.
"We'll still always be good friends; you're like a brother to me."
~Chick saying this to a guy while he is being cuckzoned, her being pounded by a stranger in front of him.
by Papa Dwarf August 18, 2016
When a welfare recipient, specifically one who comes by their government check through nefarious means such as a welfare queen, instructs another person on the tips and tricks to get themselves on government assistance using shady practices, the recipient of that advice (and government assistance) becomes a tardawan.

The advice and the scope of result can vary - being taught how to forge your income paperwork to get food stamps, exaggerating an injury to get disability, or faking a government test designed to gauge your level of mental retardation or autism - all of these are paths to become a tardawan.
"I done got told how I gotta say to the welfare bitch to get that check. I now possess the means to achieve my dreams, unbound by the 9 to 5, and can gorge myself upon hookers and blow at all hours of the day. I have become a tardawan."
by Papa Dwarf October 10, 2018
A white man who routinely films his wife having sex with black men and does not get any himself.

(Not to be confused with a "cuck asian")
Did you hear about Jim? His wife fucked about thirty black guys at once. Yeah man, he's such a cuckasian.
by Papa Dwarf August 26, 2016
This term is used regarding an event or task to describe a deeply entrenched tradition or convention that applies to it and is expected to be adhered to by those involved with it. Generally used to communicate that, while certain rules or conditions about how things are to be done are inconvenient, its presence is considered ubiquitous and unfeasible to work around. When someone complains about this one must explain "it is the way of the cave".

Like many older idioms (such as "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb".) this term has an opposite meaning when spoken in its longer form. Used in this way, the original speaker begins, "It is the way of the cave. Sun or no sun." (or relevant topic)
The second speaker replies "No sun!" Thus declaring they have devised an unexpected way to circumvent the situation in their favor.

The first recorded use of this term was originally found around May of 2014 in the fantasy drama epic titled "The Begun of Tigtone"
"Tyrone! You MUST convert ounces to grams to flip this stash! Do your 3rd grade arithmetic skills justice...by USING all of them.
This is the way of the cave. Weed or no weed."
"No weed," yells Tyrone, as he simply robs the mark of all his cash rather than determining the correct price for the drugs.
by Papa Dwarf April 19, 2022