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Droplifting is the opposite of shoplifting; it involves leaving a product or item in a shop, rather than taking one. It has been used by artists and musicians to promote their work for free, whilst some people use droplifting to make political or economic statements. (for example by altering shop's products and then returning them)
Person #1: Why is there a can of Sainsburys soup for sale in Tesco?

Person #2: It must have been droplifted.

Person #3: What's droplifting?
by PH December 3, 2005
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Someone who likes to indulge in the diving of the muff, usually female, but Jeff Stokes doesn't mind that...
She was a trained muff diver.
by PH March 19, 2003
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That quatre is so sexy.
by PH May 26, 2003
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Poor + Ugly = Pugly

The new hybrid word (like fugly and neek, used in a degrading manner to describe someone or something which is ugly and cheap, poor or scanty.
"Oh my days, Tanya is like totally pugly, she was like wearin' a baby pink tracksuit with a powder blue cap."

"Man, dat look is bare pugly, it has to be like pink or blue"
by PH December 8, 2005
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The single greatest person in the history of the world.
by PH March 23, 2003
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Burberry have fine British Tailoring, with exquisite pret-a-porter and couture collections, and became famous through their rain coats and suits around the turn on the century.

Unfornately it is commonly assoitated with chavs kevs slappers sharons and the general British lower class, becuase the chavs have adopted its signature tartan as their uniform.
(1) My delectable raincoat was tailored by Burberry

(2) Burberry is really cool innit. Gor i'm right classy if i wear Burberry. Everyone will fink i am rich
by PH December 5, 2004
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One Kikass Ass Gal Shes the greatest , most sexie gal you'll eva meet!
"OMG Michelle is so gdamn SEXIE" Hehe
by PH April 5, 2005
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