1. French for number "four"

2. card, die, or domino with four spots, pips, 'majiggers

3. One who is generally nice to anyone and everyone, and is hardly ever mad. But, who knows what they're like when you get them pissed off. Like really pissed. Like build-that-blueprint-design-they-told-you-not-to-touch-and-annihilate-everyone-in-your-path pissed.

4. Fictional (dammit) character of Gundam Wing
Quatre définitions.
I don't have a quatre. Go fish.
Just don't get on that Quatre's bad side.
Quatre plays the violin and blows up people for a living.
by miso November 27, 2003
That quatre is so sexy.
by pH May 26, 2003
A variation of a couple of french words.
Quatre (pronounced "Cat")= 4
Peau (pronounced "poo")= Skin

So, in other words its a fancy way to say fourskin. The real French word for foreskin is prepuce...but this is much cooler b/c it sounds like cat poo.
James has a quatre peau that increases tenfold!
by .....hmm May 3, 2005
The cute, cuddly wittle pilot of the Sandrock from Gundam Wing. Looks like a Backstreet Boy, but not gay like them. He goes insane on one episode, but he still manages to put up a good fight.
Quatre is so cuddly, but J.M.'s got him beat!
by Shawn B. May 10, 2003