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A play on words, but still the same meaning as "sweat her". A phrase used where a girl believes that the male she has found interest in will fall to her feet, or find comfort in her by sporting her like sweater, but the male is declaring she is sadly mistaken.
"Now shawty think I'm a sweater, sipping on amaretto... She look good but I know she after my chedda. She tryna get in my pockets, homie and I ain't gonna let her" - 50 Cent
by P.Caps December 25, 2010

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A time period in the NBA where powerhouses of the West migrated to the East, shifting the level of sovereignty and dominance with it. This also includes the formation of powerhouses within the Eastern Conference itself.
Starting in 2008 with the acquisition of KG and Sugar Ray to 2011 with the creation of the Miami and New York's newly formed "The Big Three", the Great Migration will change the face of NBA from henceforth.
by P.Caps February 24, 2011

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Someone who is highly revered in the hip-hop community. Notably put to fame by Kanye West.
"From the Polo fleece to the Jesus piece... I got family in high places like Jesus' niece" - Kanye West
by P.Caps December 21, 2010

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