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A Redneck <n> - derogatory term for white laboring class. Contrary to popular beleif there are classes of people called redneck all of the country. There are however several variations
1) "hobbyist" redneck - these are the people we see on the forums. They are usually from the south. They are rednecks by choice, they have fallen in love with the "image" of the redneck. In a word, redneck posers. These rednecks are very proud of their "non-racist" status. Unfortunately more often than not new, albeit far less vehement, atitudes toward immigrants and other minorities (especially latinos) have replaced the racism that characterized earlier american history. talk to a texan about mexicans, you'll see what I mean.
2)Deep south redneck
Rednecks from the small towns of the deep south. Posess no taste whatsoever. While they have a strong sense of morals they are notoriousley bad child rearers. Most females are impregnated by 18 (I know this from experiance). Racism varies town to town. In some areas like alabamba and some parts of rural georgia it abounds, while in other areas the "new south" philosophy has replaced it.
They lean towards the republican party politically and religion (specifically PROTESTANT orthodox christianity) is large part of their lives and their ideology. Suspician of the north are northern values is widespread.
3) Luisiana coonass
Special subculture of french speaking rednecks. Excellent cooks. They are very freindly but don't allways take well to outsiders. I've heard many say of them "they either love you or they hate you". The Luisiana redneck is WIDELY illiterate and has a terrible violent streak, yet they are generally well mannered. Most of the anecdotes I've heard about these types come from the 60's so I'm not sure about their racism. I do know that they were sympathetic to racist tendancies in the 60s.
4) Appalachian Hillbilly- Those "mountain men" living high in the appalachians. While stereotypical descriptions such as the movie deliverance ARE extreme these rednecks have a well deserved reputation for inbreeding. This is more of a product of a small gene pool/ population than incest. While litteracy has risen in recent years the feirce isolationism in these types pushes them away from normal society.

6) Midwesterner
These are probobly the most ignored redneck. Because of the midwests many economic problems rednecks here are often live in abject poverty. Racism is not mainstream here, but there are still underground racist groups abound in the rural parts of the midwest.
7) Western
This group is usually totally ignored. From california to the missisippi lies the western redneck. They are more less like their southern variants excepting tendancies to be "cow-boy-ish". Guns and the NRA are an especially important part of the ideology of this class of redneck. Mexicans are severly disliked if not openly hated. They lean towards the republican party (because of gun issues) but many are democrats. Religion is often important to them but not nearly as much as in the south.
8)Oregon Redneck- Not much to say about these except that they are VERY proud of being from oregon and they dislike non-oregon people very much.
9)Northern Redneck- Very few will admit these even exist but they do. Northern rednecks are especially populace in the midatlantic states. Upstate new-york is full of them. Their lives are characterized by the same manual labor southern rednecks endure. Despite a "better" school system in the north many of these rednecks are thoroughly uneducated. The biggest differenced between these and the southern version is their democratic leanings, love (witha capital L!) of labor organizations, and their tendancy to look down on if not hate the south. Religion is far less important to them than it is to southerners. Racism is almost non-existant in some areas while thoroughly entrenched in others. Those Damn N*****s! is a common phrase some.

Last but not least!
10)Alaska Rednecks!
Severly individualistic these are considered to be very "rugged" and pride themselves on their ability to "make it" on their own. Some have southern-ish tendancies toward religion and politics, others dont.
The southern rednecks are Bushes base constituancy, while the midwestern ones won him the presidency
by Ordog December 27, 2004
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