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A word used to describe a SOCOM US Navy Seals player called ChipButty, who is a chav.
ChipButty: hello
by Opi November 08, 2004

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When you smash a persons forehead or baldspot with such precision that it doesn't hurt, but gives away a loud smash-sound. The word derives from the swedish language.
*schudysch* Woah, that was a nice flint-smash.
by Opi December 01, 2004

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A happy exclamation, derived from anime and used in general by "anime posers" ie. people who like anime but in general are idiots about it.
*Girl 1 pulls Matrix-like kick on Girl 2
Girl 1: "Bwazaaaae!"
Girl 2: "Dang!"
by opi March 22, 2005

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