4 definitions by OofItsLuka

Normie: "Are you goth?"
Goth person: "Yeah, I like black. ✨"
by OofItsLuka December 9, 2020
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Someone that swaps left and right click in Minecraft.
Retard: I use left click to build in Minecraft because most Roblox games use left click to build.
Normal Person: Are you a retard?
Retard: Yes.
by OofItsLuka May 1, 2021
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Some game on Roblox that is swag but also deep lore. It's pretty cool I guess.
Steven: "Hey man, wanna play Big Gun?"
Johnathan: "No."
Steven: "Oh, ok."
by OofItsLuka October 8, 2020
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Idiot: Why the heck is ctrl sprint? I'm swapping these bitches.
Reliable Friend: Trust me dude, you're gonna be uncomfortable.
by OofItsLuka May 1, 2021
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