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Adj - Used when describing something that is awful, appalling, gross or unpleasant.
That drink she made was wootz.

by OneWiseMama September 8, 2008
A group of large obese women.
We were sitting in the redwood forest while waiting in line at the movie theater yesterday.
by OneWiseMama September 8, 2008
A city of approximately 18,000 that sits right outside of Monterey on the California coast. In 1875, it began as a summer camping ground for Methodists. Today, Pacific Grove (or PG as locals refer to it), is known for it's slow paced Victorian "hometown" feeling. Having no fast food drive thrus, dance clubs or bars (except for bars in restaurants), it's residents enjoy a peaceful setting with hardly any traffic or busy commotion. Pacific Grove is also the home of Asilomar State Beach. Many scuba divers and surfers from all over the world try their luck at the unpredictable waves and freezing cold temperatures of this “refuge by the sea”.

In addition to it’s costal beauty, Pacific Grovians host several festivities throughout the year. The “Good Old Days” Parade (held each April) features arts, crafts, entertainment, vendor booths and classic cars from all over the Peninsula. A few months later (each July), the entire city is lit up to celebrate the “Feast of Lanterns”, a 100 year old tradition in which the Legend of Blue Willow is told among hundreds of onlookers at Lover’s Point Beach. Much like the “Good Old Days” Parade, it features arts, crafts, vendor booths and entertainment, with much more added excitement. A royal court (chosen annually by Pacific Grovians) is introduced before the Legend is acted out on a pier in the sea. The play features a fire breathing dragon swimming toward the shore and is followed by a large finale full of music, dancing and fireworks. Later in the year (every October), local school children pay tribute to the Monarch butterfly’s arrival to the central coast as they celebrate the “Butterfly Parade” which includes a school-aged bazaar as well. These festivals are just a few of the family-oriented events that enrich the city’s charm.

One trip to this costal gem and you will realize why Pacific Grove is truly “America’s last hometown”.
Let's drive down the coast in Pacific Grove and scope out the waves.

I miss the food in Pacific Grove, Toastie's Breakfast Burritos are the best!
by OneWiseMama September 7, 2008