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when two cars disregard the right-of-way guidelines they were supposed learn from a driver's manual when they were 16, resulting in both cars to remain motionless at an intersection assuming the other car will make the first move. Usually after about 1o seconds both cars will go at the same time which leads to a firestorm of profanity and/or an accident.
At a four-way stop sign intersection

Northbound Car: Is this person gonna go or what

Westbound Car: Is this person gonna go or what

Northbound Car: Fuckin' go dude

Westbound Car: Fuckin' go dude

Northbound Car: Fuck this guy I'm going

Westbound Car: Fuck this guy I'm going

Northbound Car: What the fuck is wrong with you motherfucker

Westbound Car: Fuck you and your gay ass PT Cruiser asshole
by Olof Carmody June 12, 2008

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to continue drinking after coming back from a bar or party (usually at a friend's house or apartment)
"Any pussy can pregame but it takes a true boozebag to postgame."

"I pissed my bed last night because I was shotgunning tallboys till I passed out. That's the price you gotta pay for postgaming."

"I was so fucked up at the bars last night I have no clue how I was able to postgame till 6am."
by Olof Carmody January 22, 2008

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to get stuck behind a school bus that's making way too many stops usually when you're already running late to work or to catch a train
I'm sorry I'm late boss but I got busfucked an unprecedented 3 different times on the way to work.

Dude, we've been busfucked for over 20 minutes. I'm thinking about running over the next fucking kid that gets on that damn bus. I'm sure the judge will understand.

Bro I got busfucked and missed my train so I'm gonna chill and drink some gold tops in my car till the next one comes.
by Olof Carmody February 25, 2008

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the study of shutting the fuck up about scientology
Hey Tom Cruise, stop preaching about your bullshit "religion" and start practicing some silentology you little fucking weirdo
by Olof Carmody January 28, 2008

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A short, scheming, little bitch that mooches off everybody and contributes nothing of any value to society. They often think they are sweet but anyone with half a brain knows they're just a little piece of shit
Dude that little nut sack kid just stole a loaf of bread.

That nut sack kid is a joke. He has no friends, no money, and a small dick. No wonder everybody hates him.

You accept drinks people buy for you but you have never in your life bought one for someone else. The next drink I buy for you is getting poured on your head you little nut sack kid.
by Olof Carmody January 21, 2008

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Prefixing a word with "bro". Common usages: bromance, broasis, brofessional, brocialize, broseph, brobot, broller coaster, brotato chip, etc
-Is Edgar Allen Bro a brofix?
-No but Brover Cleveland is

by Olof Carmody June 10, 2008

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a can of Busch beer. The top of the can is gold in case you didn't know
I cracked a couple of gold tops in class today just to keep me fresh.

Yo olo pick me up a 30 of gold tops.

Gold tops are cheap and delicious.
by Olof Carmody January 28, 2008

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