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A general feeling of apathy. often leading one to not go in to work
What happened yesterday? The big cheese looking for you...

I had a touch of the fuck it flu - nothing a round of eighteen holes couldn't cure.
by OldDude December 03, 2007

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A session, usually lasting at least an afternoon, sometimes stretching into a weekend, of compulsively going from one store to another, either to browse or to buy. Sometimes followed up by mass merchanditis and accompanied by a credit card overload or a bank account drain.
Adam: Are you going for anonther mall crawl?
Eve: Sure - yesterday was just the warm-up for today. Notice I hardly bought anything yesterday?
by Olddude October 29, 2008

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A pair of pants or shorts, typically track pants or sweats, with a drawstring or elastic waist that are quick and easy to remove.
He: Must be nice to be still in your easy offs at 2 in the afternoon. Or is there another reason you're wearing them?

She: Why don't you follow me to the bedroom and find out.....
by OldDude May 04, 2011

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A scent (typically used by males) such as aftershave or cologne, used with the aim of being (more) attractive to a potential partner.
Nice splash of whorelure, going out after work?
by OldDude March 30, 2007

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The aroma left behind after farting, usually with the intent of leaving a surprise for someone.
Sam: What are you giggling about, Chuck?

Chuck: I just left a bit of mebreeze in Dan's cube.....

Sam: On the contrary, I think you left a shitload of mebreeze in his cube!
by olddude February 04, 2011

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An acronym for "Ask me if I give a fuck"
Mikey: Isn't our term paper due next week?
Geoff: amigaf!!!
by OldDude December 03, 2007

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