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1. (v) - to deny that you said something in the past even though you have, in fact, said it many times before.

2. (v) - to completely change your previously-held opinion on something, especially when said something affects you.
Person #1: HA! You've been saying the Bears would beat the Packers all week, and look what happened! You lost!

Person #2: Nope. I never said that.

Person #1: Oh, are you Trumping with me now, man? You've said it 50 times!


Donald Trump stated back in 2012 that the Electoral College was a disaster for America and that it should be changed, but he sure loved it when it helped him win the election in 2016. Classic Trumping.
by OfThisGeneration December 6, 2016
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(v) - having displayed incredible, unforeseen ineptitude and incompetence on par with that of the Cleveland Browns. See Brownsing.
Crap. These dumb high-school aged McDonald's employees Brownsed up my order again.
by OfThisGeneration December 6, 2016
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One with a great appreciation for life, a powerful affinity for college basketball, a keen interest in horse racing/breeding, and who, if he had to choose between saving either a bottle of bourbon or his mother from falling off a cliff, would without hesitation save the bourbon first.
If you love college basketball, horse racing, and bourbon--the finest liquor this side of the Mississippi--with all your soul, then you are indeed a true Kentuckian.
by OfThisGeneration December 10, 2016
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