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Game-based fanfiction.

1. n., Fan fiction written around a particular video game, board game, PC game, etc, that employs characters and situations relevant to the game and its franchise.

2. n., Fan fiction that employs a particular game's resources to tell an original story. Storytelling and making online comics with a particular game for this purpose is called "machinomics," and making videos is machinima.

"Gameficker": One who makes gamefic.
1. If someone writes fanfic about the characters from "CLUE" or "Monopoly," that's gamefic.

2. Or, someone could make machinomics with The Sims 2 or Sims 3. Also, machinimas such as "Tales of the Past III" (World of Warcraft) and "Red vs. Blue" (Halo) can be considered gamefic.
by ObscuredOne June 22, 2009
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