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A Nuke Code is a code used for launching nuclear missiles or any type of nukes in the available weaponry.
That's the normal definition.

Now the Internet's definition of a Nuke Code:
A Nuke Code is a six-digit code used on Nhentai.com, known for anime pornography or know as Hentai, some synonyms of the word are know such as : sauce. due to lack of knowledge its the only word i can think as a synonym to the Nuke Code word.

But seriously don't go there if you don't want to see inappropriate things that ruin a anime/game or community
by Obama's toes March 5, 2022
Obama's toes are actually not any normal toes, they are a organism and have a brain. They are so intelligent they are capable of creating Obamium, A EXTREMLY RARE material, considered as the most powerful and resistant material. Only Obama's toes are capable of making that. Also if you try to export Obamium or Obama's toes out of the US' of A', They will disappear and respawn in the ol' US' of A'. And this signification is also wrote by Obama's toes, While Obama is sleeping
Finally, after 69 years, OBAMA'S TOES ARE MINE!
by Obama's toes December 11, 2021
Tik Tok Holocaust is what happened when a chinese man wanted to be like Hitler and unleash the second holocaust in

the december of 2016, Thus making the Tik Tok application. This incarnation is used like a nazi party describing even more hate in a cringe and/or comedic way to people other than white people. People that survive (dont use Tik Tok) are a jewel to society and are scarced in a rare way
Guy 1 : Hey man you know when the Tik Tok Holocaust happened?
Guy 2 : when jt was created?
Guy 1 : Absolutely my friend
by Obama's toes December 9, 2021
Persons who plays racing games under the good and greedy eye of Microsoft or Xbox (if you want) here are a selections of some types :

The ex-Gran Turismo player : like the name, before they have played Gran turismo before and changed to forza
The Rammer : Motherfucking 10 years-old kiddos crashing into players on online races like a WW2 Japanese Kamikaze pilot into a American carrier
The realistic clutch players : "realistic people" who releases the gas button and press on the clutch button and shifts. also this is a way to trigger friends and make them lose
Horizon players : persons who plays only Forza Horizon games because its a open world game
Motorsport players : persons who play Forza Motorsport gams because its on tracks
The "Touhou players" : Those people are the Gods of this universe, they play Touhou in lunatic with extreme precision and finishes all the games 1cc. When they are on a racing game, they are capable of finishing the Nürburgring in 3 to 5 minutes maximum on the hardest difficulties and win in a S1 class Mazda RX-7 FC . And also be the number 1 global.
In short: they are the absolute Gods of Joseph in a hidden form, Hidden from Jesus
Guy 1 : Which Type of Forza Players are you?
Guy 2 : The "Touhou Player" one
Tornado Sirens in a 75 mile radius : *Starts making sound*
Guy 1 : oh fuck
by Obama's toes December 9, 2021
16yr niggas destroying their b16 engines at 11 000 RPM making 0.24 horsepower in their factory-new 2$ honda civic ej9 sedan shitbox because they want to hear the vtec kick even tho it does nothing but make people call the police even more for noise complaint
Persons who actually work for a 300 000 km 31 year old mazda rx7 fc and know what they are doing even tho they are rare as fuck
Obama: I want to have a civic
His toes:... 16yr car enthusiast

Also his toes: nigger...
by Obama's toes December 16, 2021
When i was born, i didnt have a dad. I was fatherless.
After 7 years I was with my mother who have BPD (Borderline Personnality Disorder).
Because of that, i moved to my grandma by force by the DPJ (Directeur de la Protection de la Jeunesse or CPD in english) which have my pessimistic 30 years old uncle

And i dont feel any love from my grandma and my uncle
by Obama's toes December 11, 2021