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I super amazing peron, who loves life and people. Sometimes she'll be down but she can always make other people smile. No matter what she knows her friends will always have her back, and even if shes short, she can still kick some ass. When shes down you know you have to make her smile. If someone hurts her bestfriends, that someone is getting a punch in the face. Everyone loves her, and everyone knows it.
did you see Jeunesse today?' ' YA! shes so sweet!' 'I know! shes amazing
by EloiseForever6 November 04, 2010
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Jeunesse is someone who's down to explore, and have fun with friends. She puts her friends happiness before her own which makes her so special. She's beautiful in her own ways even if she says she hates everything about herself. She's short but that won't stop her to do anything. Talk shit about her friends? Oh you bet she will go up to you and straighten things up. She's sweet and cares about everyone and remains to keep a smile on her face, no matter the circumstances. Don't do her wrong though, she will drop you hella fast. She can't stand spending the whole day doing nothing. She loves to make jokes, go to the beach, and draw. If you meet a Jeunesse, be friends with her you won't regret it!!!!!
That girl over there is always doing something with her life.

Oh you must be talking about Jeunesse!
by Ashley175 May 04, 2017
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