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To set someone up, for a robbery, or a stick-up. To gain someone`s trust, goad them into lowering their barrier on the first meeting, and rob them on the next encounter.
Yo... that new guy that just moved into dude`s old spot, got some good shit yo....
Oh for real?! Shiiit, We need to smoke one with this fool then...
Hell yea, and throw a party for his ass, on the next go round...
by OGgamer77 April 9, 2020
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A female that lures a simple, and naive dudes into an unseen or bad situation (robbery or fight, or murder.)
Man! that`s a shame what happened to bruh. (scoffs) Dude should have known she was a Set `em up chick. Any female trying that hard, to get you to come a part town or area you don`t about is up something.
by OGgamer77 April 25, 2018
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