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The winner of the day, particularly one who gets laid at the end because of how epic their triumph was, even though the intention was not to get laid as a result.
He is The Sex Man.
by NoxMelo March 3, 2022
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Somebody who finds and provokes skunks to spray them for the fun of it as a very niche hobby.
by NoxMelo August 17, 2020
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A word referring to the penis of any person from the British Isles from anywhere other than Scotland.
Have you seen that Welsh man's Scotch Hotdog? It's at least a furlong.
by NoxMelo November 12, 2021
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A pizza available only in Reno during a furry convention, that comes with 19 splooges as a topping.
Whatever you do, do not order the Reno Furry Convention Special unless you want to get face aids.
by NoxMelo November 2, 2021
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A powerful detachment from reality caused by obsessively reading politically charged conspiracy theories, and generally believing anything said by certain pundits who often pass off obvious falsehoods as truth. The primary characteristic is being susceptible to fervently believing extremely outlandish claims which are easily disproven by a simple Google search.
"Did you hear? They actually believe schools are installing litter boxes for students who identify as furries!"
"I know. It's Politically Induced Psychosis."
by NoxMelo March 25, 2022
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When you procrastionate so much that all of your deadlines hit you at once, so you are forced to work on your tasks frantically.
Dude, I survived procrastageddon
by NoxMelo November 6, 2017
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