5 definitions by NovaScotiaK

The equivalent of fuck off popularized by Trailer Park Boys used by Canadians.
George Green:Ricky we’re taking you down to the station
Ricky: Frig off George
by NovaScotiaK September 20, 2019
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When your jizz gets mixed in with piss.
Tommy gave Becky a little high tide because he forgot to use the bathroom.
by NovaScotiaK March 13, 2022
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A derogratory term to use when you are very angry.
James is a leprechaun on a shitshingle because he hates me.
by NovaScotiaK October 26, 2017
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A funny ass man who got ridiculed for a joke he apologized for because the world is a bunch of beta sensitive cucks that can’t take a fucking joke. His stand up comedy is funny as fuck.
Ronny:So what happened to you and that girl?
Ben: I railed her after we went to the Kevin Hart show that man is hilarious.
by NovaScotiaK September 18, 2019
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When in Trailer Park Boys Ricky has substitution speech errors and when someone corrects him he usually proceeds too tell them to frig off. An example is A link is only as long as your longest strong chain. When the correct saying is a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Brad: I passed that test through denial and error.
Freddy: Its through trial and error dude that is such a RickyIsm
by NovaScotiaK September 18, 2019
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