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They methodology and ideology of the George W. Bush presidency. Calling torture enhanced interrogation tactics. Calling a bill that enables further destruction of the environment the clean air act. Picking apart the facts or straight up ignoring them just to get what you want. Calling things the exact opposite of what they are in an attempt to trick stupid people into thinking they are good.
Hey global warming is destroying the earth, the patriot act just took away all of my civil liberties, and the nation is entering another great depression. All well we can all thank the bush system for that.
by NotAnUndercoverCop January 30, 2009

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Lay and Pray. Lay and Pray is the opposite of ground and pound. Lay and Pray consists of getting your opponent on the ground and stalling a decision the entire fight by LAYING on him and PRAYING to win a decision. It's quite cheap and very gay.
The phrase was first coined by Pride announcer and all around MMA God Bas Ruten.
The Lay and Pray was founded and mastered by MMA fighter Tito Ortiz. The term was also coined to describe his fight style, which is quite frankly, the most boring style of fighting in the world and gives new fans a bad impression of MMA.
"Did you see the Tito Ortiz Wanderlei Silva fight yesterday? Yes, it was the worst fight I've ever seen in my life. Tito Lay'd And Pray'd his way to a decision. Talk about some BS." Tito is the Lay and Pray King. He is also A HUGE Douche Bag to boot.
by NotAnUndercoverCop May 19, 2009

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What that ass clown Mike Goldberg shouts at the top of his lungs at the end of every single UFC fight he announces.
by NotAnUndercoverCop May 25, 2009

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Used to describe someone who punches very hard. You will hear this allot in combat sports like kick boxing or MMA.

Side Note: The bones in your body lay down more and more calcium deposits the more trauma they are exposed to. This makes the bones more dense. The bone just gets stronger and stronger. People who punch for a living very well may actually have 'heavier' hands than a normal person.
Did you see how easily he knocked him out? He must have some heavy hands. I'd hate to have to fight him.
by NotAnUndercoverCop June 19, 2009

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The force in the universe that generates and sustains all the douche bags that have or ever will exist.
"Spencer from the Hills ran into Chris Angel today and it tore a hole in the douche bag continuum." - Conan O'Brian
by NotAnUndercoverCop June 18, 2009

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When you smoke DMT one too many times and the entities decide to humble you. It's the DMT equivalent of a bad trip. Some people say they have PTSD from it.
Man, I smoked too much deems last night and the machine elves hyperslapped me.
by NotAnUndercoverCop August 03, 2018

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A Retarded Faggot
Do you remember George W. Bush?
Yeah, he was faggotarded
by NotAnUndercoverCop January 23, 2009

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