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: meaning to be shot in the head. This was popularized by Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony on E. 19th Eternal.
Gonna, gonna give'm that Kool aid hat. Gonna kill 'em now.
by not wholly racist June 25, 2011

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An unlit, shortened, partially smoked cigarette. A portmanteau of Marlboro and butt.
She had thought she was completely out of cigarettes, but was pleased to find a mabutto left lingering at the bottom of the pack.
by not wholly racist March 17, 2017

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The impression made from sitting on a couch for so long that it is worn out exactly and only where you sit. It will be there even after you leave your seat.
Dad, it's not comfortable sitting watching tv on the couch because of your buttprint.
by not wholly racist August 31, 2010

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a condom
I put a bust bag on and fucked Tiffany and Stacy for two hours. It was the time of my life.
by not wholly racist June 25, 2011

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Usually an event done, either before, during, or after flipping a matress, when a sexy older cougar wears her wedding dress while her young boy-toy does push-ups. The boy-toy usually regrets easy, non-committal sex and returns later when his grandfather is sleeping, for a nice, warm, cream pie.
He never heard of the honeymoon handshake, before Grandpa Jay interrupted it.
by not wholly racist December 30, 2016

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A condition where all the gummy bears in a bag have fused together, resembling an orgy scene. They melt together when heated.
The bag was just one big gummy bear orgy after I sat on it, but still tasty and delicious.
by not wholly racist January 08, 2017

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