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A man on YouTube named Kevin, or a former YouTuber, known by those in the know as a staunch atheist, 'pwning' VioletKitty411, also having started a 'Pantless Revolution'. On top of making less-than-reputable videos, he gave up in a fight with FakeSagan, and later posted a video of him having sex with FakeSagan's fiance (probably an older video), Oshun, and closed his account.

FakeSagan is still after CapnOAwesome today.
"The Holocaust was biggest myth ever created by mankind."--CapnOAwesome

"I declare an Atheist Jihad on VioletKitty411. This all started when she left a comment on my profile, and then blocked me immediately afterwords so I couldn't reply.
Until I get unblocked and/or an apology, I will continue my Jihad."

by NoFadsThen February 20, 2009
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