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the most annoying internet media player. from the installation to using it, users will be greeted with various ads such as upgrading and some aol shits. this fucking media player loads and closes as quick as a snail, and each action is associated with an ad.
fuck man real player even creates a separate process just to display fucking ads.
by no one August 07, 2004

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Noun. Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly.
Brian Cowen (Irish Government Minister) is the ultimate BIFFO.
by no one July 30, 2004

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totally awesome nice sweet girl that rocks my world
my girlfreind is so minta
by no one August 03, 2004

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Everything BUT HER face ie: butterface

When a girl has a nice body but is ugly as hell in the place that counts the most...the face!!
That girls body is hot but damn she's a buttaface!
by No one December 22, 2003

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an addictive game with plenty of assholes... like CiViC6021

still fun though
"i play cybots"
"cybots is fun"
by no one March 16, 2005

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the act of drinking too much and complaining about unfit men
That girl is heavy into eileenism
by no one March 03, 2005

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A funny rant site, by two guys who claim to be retards.
I was at We Were Retards, reading stupid rants. Good times. www.wewereretards.tk
by no one February 23, 2005

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