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a male who rides another males penis
that dude is such a sausage surfer
by nizzle July 22, 2003

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A word that can be used at any time to fit into any situation
the ravens lost gary baxter to the browns...

Aww Gheez!!
by Nizzle March 08, 2005

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Dang that hoochie got some fine baboombas
by nizzle November 03, 2003

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it is a cigarette (invented by me)
im gonna go smoke a squaur
by Nizzle July 18, 2004

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Slang reffering to marijuana laced with heroin commonly used in the ghettos of and around New York City.
Yo lemme get a 20 bag of poppy so I can get bent.
by Nizzle August 30, 2004

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The biggest white gangsta you've eva seen bitches! You're too young!
by Nizzle April 10, 2003

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AKA The red barron

Total light weight who likes to wrestle with faggots.
12 griz is so gay he makes fat girls bleed
by Nizzle April 10, 2003

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