5 definitions by Nikki4mets

1. (n) the condition that arises in males who have stopped taking steroids. The male body in reaction to the steroids starts producing large amaounts of female hormones such as estrogren and progesterone, resulting in the growth of breasts.

2. (n) the condition that arises in overweight men
1. Damn, now that John is not taking steroids anymore he's gone bald and has some bitch tit.

2. George needs to lose some weight cause he got some serious bitch tit.
by Nikki4mets August 24, 2006
1 (n.) The untamed, usually frizzy locks of a Jew.
Person # 1: "Did you see Rebecca's Jew-Fro at temple the other day. Man did that thing have its own zip code"
Person #2: "Yeah, she needs some frizz control for that Jew-Fro"
by Nikki4mets August 26, 2006
1. (n) The condition that arises when sweat is produced between a pair of big tits and a cheesy odor arises. The odor produced has been said to smell like goat or feta cheese. This condition is usally cured by putting deoderant between and under a set of big breats.
After Jane goes for an hour run with those d-cups of hers, she gets a serious case of Cheese tits.
by Nikki4mets August 24, 2006
1. A hairstyle popularized by 1980's American girls to try and look like Madonna. It was usually combined with a stretch pants/skirt combination and jelly slippers.

2. Most recently popularized in the 2004 film, Napoleon Dynamite, where the title character's love interest wears a side-ponytail.
Check out the ponytail holder holding up my side-ponytail, its magenta, white and black, just like the laces on my LA Gears.
by Nikki4mets August 24, 2006
1. A term used on the television show "South Park" to refer to the psychic John Edward, who claims to channel the dead family members of the peole in his studio audience. In the episode of South Park, John Edwards is given "The Biggest Douche In the Universe" award by members of the intergallactic community.

2. This year, the biggest douche in the Universe award goes to John Mark Karr. This attention seeking pedophile is getting the attention he wants by the second biggest douche in the universe---the American media.
I am tired of seeing The biggest douche in the universe, John Mark Karr on the news every time I turn on MSNBC and CNN.
by Nikki4mets August 24, 2006