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A person who performs fellatio with great vigor.
Man, she handled my member like fellatioraptor! My cock aint never been treated like that!
by Nigritheus April 24, 2010
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A compendium of niggerdom. It is a source of all things nigry! It contains the beginnings and the future of all niggerish actions! It is an essential collection of books for the lighter skinned folk to understand the depth of nigpravity! It also contains ancient and nearly forgotten secret fried chicken recipes......and collards, grits, hog mosh, and all those other nigry foods!
White Person: I'm sure glad that I had my Niglopedia
Blacktannica delivered last week. If it hadn't been I wouldn't have understood what that colored fellow was speaking of. I would've never guessed that "chedda" was a reference to money. LOL!

Dawg, that mo'fuckin Niglopedia Blacktannica makin them white mo'fuckas no wut we be talkin bout.....Nukka!
by Nigritheus April 17, 2010
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The term for a precarious situation in which a black person has to think hard in order to solve a complex problem or conundrum, usually involving a puzzle, multi-tasking, or not getting arrested. These predicaments will usually need multiple negroes working together for an indefinite amount of time before they come to a conclusion.
Chauncey: Awww shit, LaDamien, I's gots ta figger out how I can DP that skank-ass white bitch over thurr all by myself.

LaDamien: Got-damn nigga! Thass done the worst awwnigma eva! We best learn to read so we can solve it wit da Niglopedia Blacktannica!

Chauncey: AWWWWWW Nigga!
by Nigritheus April 28, 2010
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